RETScreen Expert

RETScreen Expert 9.0

Analyzes and optimizes clean energy project output

Work with various types of clean energy projects by analyzing their performance and generating reports on the current output and the possible means of optimization. The program provides a quick overview of the data and calculates selected values such as financial viability.

Due to climate change, clean energies projects are increasingly popular in all the world. RETScreen Expert is one of them. This free program lets you evaluate several important aspects before carrying out a clean energy project. For example, you can assess the feasibility of the entire project by taking into account its type (industrial, residential, agricultural), its location, the climate of the zone where you want to build it, and so on.

You can also assess the financial viability of the project by calculating the costs, the inflation ratio, the life of the project, government incentives, and other factors. It is also possible to calculate the project's risk factors, among many other items. Finally, the program generates a report showing all the information generated by the program, including an executive summary.

A great aspect of the program is that it can be used in different countries, since it uses geolocation functions to show data from all the world. Also, its interface has been translated into many different languages.

The program is not very easy to use and it has a steep learning curve given all the elements you need to study. Thus, it is not for the casual user. Nevertheless, or includes many e-learning videos that will make your learning easier.

If you are a construction or energy professional, then this program can be very useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It allows to evaluate feasibility, finance, performance, etc. of a clean energy project
  • Can be used in different countries
  • It is free


  • For specialized users only
  • Huge installation file
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